Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Robinson Crusoe and Me

I feel to be a Robinson Crusoe in modern life; I write in the blog(= bottle) and put it in the cyber world (= the ocean). If you find the bottle, please send me a lifeboat:

            I am so sorry if I said that I wanted to be in my island far from you. It was a big mistake.

PP: It is a good water bottle, if you do not would like to follow me, you can use the bottle, if no, please recycle it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

trump victory speech... thanks to Clinton

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Keep eyes to the VHS, Cohen is coming back

I remember that very old and damaged VHS of Leonard Cohen's video. There were five or six official videos like "Dance me" in it and I cannot forget the video; a beautiful girl stands above of her dead man and the camera focused on her wedding ring, but a little bit further, the man waits for dancing. She cannot see him and goes out. Suddenly the girl comes back and they starts to dance.

Cut, 3 weeks ago. I turned the pages of Maclean weekly and if you see the weekly, you know it is a page of the quiz with some quotation the readers should guess who can tell them. I saw the quotation,"I am ready to die" and guessed it should be told by the famous singer who has cancer, but surprisingly Leonard Cohen was said that.

Cut, one hours ago. I had a notification of CBC News:" Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen dead at 82". Can you believe this news? Is he no waiting to dance with his love? where is the end of love?

I think he is alive and starts to dance soon, just we have to wait and look at the old and damaged VHS of life.

PP: However I do not believe in love personally, and so "end of love" is meaningless for me, but Cohen says the word of love in the way I doubt about my idea.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One Hour For Me is not One Hour For You

A few days ago, the government came one hour back the official time; it means 1 A.M changed to 12:00 and I had one hour more to sleep. I was very happy for this one more extra time at the time, but the day after I saw one of my friends who was very tired because of one-hour extra working. I was thinking about one hour and its definition for two people: it was not equal.

In the bigger comparison, it is a lot of situation like this for people. when two people are kissing each other, one scratching her/his face of being alone. One likes to be at the moment forever and the other one likes to disappear. one's share is dreaming in the day and the other's share is a nightmare but at the day. The time somebody throws her/his sandwich away, somebody else looks for a food in a garbage.

understanding each other is not possible because when I am talking about one hour, you understand your one hour. There is the misunderstanding world that everybody has their eyes.

So you cannot understand what time in my world is.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why Trump?

I am really sorry starting my daily blog with a bad news, but it is not the first time American voted a president who would be the worst person it should be. The American election result shows the people vote to two big parties every other time and it was Republican share.

On the other hand, republican vote their candidate blindly and trump knew about that. He had said to People Weekly in 1998, " if I were to run, I'd run as a Republican." He had added Republican fan are the dumbest people and they will do anything Fox News says.

Most of American people, like most of everywhere, are far-fetched of any politic analyzing or understanding. I have heard from different American about having no trust to women to be their president yet.

That is is(or it is?) enough for first day. please take a comment to me and say about my grammar problems. 

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My spirit was injured

My words are not like the broken brown eyes 
But they were almost dead,
before borning,
before wedd.

My words are not like the broken brown eyes 
but your look would be like stormy 
protesting in bed.

My words are not like nothing
even me 
even revese to ahead,
if you don`t know about me
It`s not to know
I`am a person who will die
when your eyes were been epidemic, 
when our view would be red.

My words are not like a 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

who is in the right? You or Bukowski?

Crawlers Bukowski in a poem had written:
“All our neighbors think that
We are
And we think that they
And we're all
Bukowski in this poem describes a puzzling situation for us. He has written about the family (his family our narrator’s one) and their’s neighbors. Everyone on every side thinks the other side is weird. It’s meant all of them realize they are right and the other side is ignorant. Why? Is it possible tow different weird people are right in the same time? Bukowski said: yes. But why? How?

Let I came back to my childhood. When I was a primary student, we lost one of our neighbors in an accident. He had a grocery in our our valley. After his passing away, it was said some different thing about his death. Someone believed he was killed by one of his adversary. They said that the car driver was a friend with the victim and in addition, he was driving so fast in a small street. It was not normal in their thought.

The others believe he committed suicide because he had too much debt. The last ones guessed he was drunk. My father, but was sure the driver was drunk.

Who was in the right?

I don’t know, but I realize one big truth: everyone sees the world in her/his view. Some people who didn't like the grocery man got the right to driver and other one thought the poor victim was in the right.

That’s a truth. We have to accept the world with many, many realities. Each of us sees in the world in our opinion, because everyone had some different experiences and these experiences had us a different view of life.
When we think in this way, we can understand more eachothers: "… And we're all